Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

The only Smart Indoor Camera that can recognise faces and gives you access to all its features without charging any subscription fees.

An outstanding camera and a minimalist design
Extensive 130° field of view

Miss nothing with the indoor camera’s extra-wide view.

Stunning, full hd videos

Full HD 1080p provides the highest video quality, so you can see clearly what’s happening at home.

Superior night vision

Protection day and night with infrared night vision for clear videos even in total darkness.

Beautiful anodized aluminum

The Smart Indoor Camera has a unique and pure design. It blends seamlessly into your home.

Records only what matters

The camera only records when something happens, preventing hours of empty footage.

Effortless setup in a few minutes

The Smart Indoor Camera’s setup is straightforward: place the camera indoors, facing your entrance, plug it in and download the App. Identify your loved ones with a simple click. That’s it!

Notifies when it hears an alarm

When the security camera hears an alarm, whether it be a smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren, it will send a notification and record a video.

Leave family members off the record to protect their privacy

Unlike other ‘Big Brother’ smart security cameras that continuously film everything and everybody, Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera protects both your home and the privacy of your family. With the option to disable video recording and notifications for familiar faces, your loved ones can relax in the privacy of your home, knowing they aren’t being watched or recorded.

Netatmo pet detection technology enables you to ignore motion alerts caused by your pet. It will only notify you when a real intrusion occurs. Alternatively, you can choose to enable those alerts to check on your pet when you are away.