Somfy One

Available in 2 versions: Somfy One and Somfy One +

Somfy One

Somfy One is easy to expand with extra Somfy Protect accessories, such as door or window sensors, extra cameras and motion detectors.

Somfy One +

Somfy One+ is an extended version that comes with a badge key fob and an IntelliTAG™ door or window sensor. The One+ has a built-in battery pack that provides the Somfy One+ with power for six hours, so that’s handy. If there is a power failure, it automatically stores the images in the device itself (thanks to its memory card) so that you can view them again later.

Check what’s going on at home

Watch what’s going on at home live if the alarm sounds or check what your pet gets up to when you are not there. As soon as the camera detects movement, the alarm will sound, you will immediately get a push message and the camera will record for 30 seconds.

Somfy One features

Full HD videocamera

Pin-sharp image, 8x digital zoom, so nothing escapes you. As soon as your Somfy One detects movement, a video is recorded immediately and safely stored in the cloud. You can download it to your smartphone.

Powerful siren

If movement is detected in your home, a 90 dB siren will automatically sound. The siren can also be operated manually if you so wish.

Active privacy shutter

As soon as you switch off the camera, the shutter automatically slides in front of the camera lens, so your privacy is guaranteed.

Installing the plug and play

Choose the spot where you want to put your Somfy One and plug it into the power point. You install the Somfy One using an app: just a few clicks and your house is secured.

Detection and pets

You can configure the Somfy One so that the camera will not react if your pet happens to wander past the lens. Wide detection field (130º). No need to worry about false alarms thanks to the advanced built-in motion detector. Including a fire detector.

Add several users

Do you share the house with other people or does the cleaner come regularly? Using the app, you can add several users, all with their own rights and options so that they can turn the alarm on or off themselves.

Video clips

As soon as the Somfy One detects movement, you’ll immediately receive a notification, email and SMS. In addition, the camera will immediately record 30 second of video, which will be available for 7 days and downloadable for free.

Dropbox & Google drive

All recorded images from the Somfy One can be downloaded for free to your Smartphone or automatically uploaded to your own Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Your privacy guaranteed

Thanks to a privacy shutter in front of the lens Do you value your privacy? Somfy One takes that into account. Because as soon as you enter the house, a shutter will slide in front of the lens of the camera. So no one can watch what’s going on.


and fit for the future Somfy One is easy to expand with extra Somfy Protect accessories, such as door or window sensors, smoke sensors, extra cameras and motion detectors.