2024 iPad Rumors and Release Timeline

iPad rumors in 2024 suggest big changes ahead

Apple’s entire iPad lineup is set for a shakeup in 2024, with dynamic updates and hardware changes expected. From a bigger iPad Air, to OLED screens in iPad Pro, all the way to faster iPad Mini models, here’s what rumors suggest.

The company didn’t release any iPads in 2023, with the M2 iPad Pro from October 2022 being the most recent hardware update. The iPad lineup is overdue for a refresh and the rumor mill is filled with expectations of notable enhancements across the range.

2024 rumors for iPad Pro

The most significant change in the iPad Pro models is the anticipated switch to OLED displays. The move is expected to bring many benefits, including better display quality.

Speculation suggests that the manufacturing of OLED screens for the iPad Pro might start soon, potentially leading to its launch later in 2024.

The integration of an OLED display in the iPad Pro enhances the visual experience in several ways. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology allows each pixel to emit its own light, eliminating the need for a backlight. That absence of a backlight results in true blacks, as pixels can completely turn off, and a high contrast ratio. Additionally, OLED displays offer more vivid colors and faster response times compared to LCD screens.

These features contribute to a more immersive and vibrant viewing experience, particularly beneficial for high-end graphic work, gaming, and media consumption.

Alongside a display upgrade, there are rumors of a new Magic Keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro, which aims to make it more laptop-like with a sturdier frame and aluminum construction. The design will also incorporate a USB-C port as part of Apple’s mandated shift to the universal port. USB-C ports offer faster data transfer speeds and charging capabilities compared to older USB types. They also support a wider range of accessories and peripherals, making the iPad Pro more adaptable for various professional and creative uses.

The rumored iPad Pro models for 2024 are expected to feature the introduction of the M3 chip. Already used in MacBook Pro and iMac models, the chip is built on a 3-nanometer process and will deliver improved performance and efficiency. Additionally, a new version of the Apple Pencil is also expected, potentially featuring interchangeable magnetically attached tips to simulate different instruments.

The new design of the Apple Pencil aims to enhance its functionality for activities like drawing, technical illustration, and painting. The introduction of magnetically attachable tips is expected to simplify the process of switching between them, offering an improvement over the current models that use a friction fit mechanism.

2024 rumors for iPad Air

The iPad Air models are expected to continue using the existing Magic Keyboard. There’s also speculation about a larger-screen version of the iPad Air, likely featuring a new processor.

The most significant upgrade for the iPad Air will be the transition from the M1 to the M2 chipset. The M2 chip is more powerful than its predecessor and will enhance overall performance, particularly in areas like AI-driven tasks and graphics-intensive applications.

Rumors indicate that a 12.9-inch model of the iPad Air, mirroring the size of the largest current iPad Pro, is expected to be released in March 2024. Four models are reportedly planned, with two maintaining the current size and another two featuring the larger 12.9-inch size.

However, the screen technology in the iPad Air is expected to remain the same, continuing to use the current LED-based Liquid Retina display rather than transitioning to technologies like mini-LED or OLED.

2024 rumors for iPad Mini and iPad

Updates to the iPad Mini and the base model iPad are also on the horizon. These updates will likely include faster processors — potentially the A16 chip — for improved performance and efficiency.

The upcoming iPad mini 7 isn’t expected to feature a 120Hz display. That’s not surprising, as the ProMotion technology, which enables 120Hz refresh rates, remains exclusive to the iPad Pro series.

Notably, with the introduction of the iPad 11, Apple is expected to discontinue the iPad 9, the last model with a Home button and a Lightning port.

There are also rumors that Apple is actively working on a foldable iPad, which is potentially expected to be revealed either at the end of 2024 or in the early part of 2025. Reports suggest that Apple is making progress with this innovative folding iPad concept, aiming to initiate limited production by the end of 2024.

However, it’s important to note that beginning production does not necessarily mean delivery. Therefore, the likelihood of a foldable iPad being shipped within 2024 is low.