Comparing the Quality of Android 14 Pixel Webcam and Apple iPhone's Continuity Camera: Which One Takes the Lead?

The latest Android 14 release offers the Pixel’s rear cameras as a webcam for computers. It is available for most platforms and eligible Pixel devices. This feature is compared to Apple’s Continuity Camera, which works for iPhones and Mac computers.

According to a report from Android Central, the Pixel 8 Pro’s output on computers using the Pixel Webcam feature is not as good as expected. Despite the phone’s impressive camera specs, the video maxes out at 1080p at 30fps, instead of the promised 4K at 60fps. It is unclear why the USB-C connection for webcams does not capture the full capabilities of the Pixel’s camera.

Apple’s Continuity Camera feature was released in 2022 and allows users to use their iPhone’s rear camera as an improvement to the webcam on Macs. Google also started offering a similar feature for Android users in early 2023, but it requires a USB-C connection between the phone and the PC. While Android’s Pixel Webcam expands the feature’s availability for Android and Windows users, Apple still holds the edge in terms of quality and output.

Overall, both features aim to upgrade the webcam experience and offer improvements for users.