Apple Aims to Incorporate Cameras into AirPods Alongside AI Capabilities & Enhanced Sensors

The wearable category has fetched satisfactory results for Apple so far with AirPods and Apple Watch dominating the market in their respective segments. Now, Apple is looking forward to expanding its wearable catalog, and as per Mark Gurman’s latest newsletter, it has some brilliant and innovative ideas in the bag.

The first product idea that Apple is considering is a smart ring. With Samsung poised to reveal the Samsung Smart Ring at MWC 2024, Apple is also considering entering the smart ring race. Gurman believes that Apple’s Smart Ring will be a good alternative for those who simply want to get a device for health data. Consider it as an Apple Watch alternative without bells and whistles like notifications, calling, messaging, and more distractions.

The idea is to introduce a product that would add value to the existing Apple ecosystem and the company could offer it as a subscription with its health features. Apple Smart Ring would also work as an additional barrier for those who are planning to switch from an iPhone to an Android device.

The next wearable that Apple is exploring is smart glasses. The purported AR glasses are still several years away, if Gurman is to be believed as Apple is yet to achieve the visual quality, battery life, and size in the form that would make it a hit in the market and also fulfill Apple’s benchmark of products. Meta and Ray Ban already offer smart glasses but they have not garnered much attention from buyers so far.

Apple wants to develop Smart Glasses that would serve as an alternative to AirPods – albeit with much-lasting batteries, AI features, and advanced sensors.

However, the most exciting wearable that Apple is considering is AirPods with cameras. Yes, the tech titan is planning to add cameras to its most popular wearable product. Along with cameras, Apple could also add health sensors and AI features.

A product codenamed B798 built on the same idea entered a technical investigation last year. Apple engineers are exploring the idea of adding low-resolution cameras to AirPods to gather data that would be processed by AI. This data would assist users in their workouts and daily activities.

Apple explores many such ideas and it’s not necessary that we will get to see the company launch such products any time soon. Nonetheless, Apple’s plan to strengthen and future-proof its wearable category seems expansive.