Apple Store app to implement facial recognition for Vision Pro orders

Apple Vision Pro is set to launch in the United States in a few weeks, but Apple has not yet revealed detailed information about the purchasing process, available models, and customization options. However, a new report indicates that customers will be able to use the Apple Store app to scan their faces and determine the best size for Vision Pro.

According to code found in the latest version of the Apple Store app by MacRumors, users will have the option to scan their faces using an iPhone or iPad to find the ideal size for the Apple Vision Pro Light Seal and Head Band. “You can scan your face to determine your Apple Vision Pro size,” reads a message in the Apple Store app. This process should be similar to what Apple provided to developers invited to try the Apple Vision Pro developer kit, as part of the preparation before the official release.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that Vision Pro will include Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band options, allowing users to choose the most suitable option for different scenarios.

For users who require prescription lenses, Apple will also offer customization options with ZEISS lenses that can magnetically attach to the head-worn device. Interestingly, MacRumors claims that Apple may also provide custom engraving services for Apple Vision Pro, although it is currently unclear what exactly that entails. Apple Vision Pro will launch in the United States on February 2nd, with pre-orders starting on January 19th. Prices will start at $3499 for the version with 256GB of storage.