Apple to Replace LG Innotek as Supplier and Introduce Advanced 10x Tetraprism Lens in Future iPhone Model

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is rumored to feature a 5x tetraprism telephoto lens, and Apple is said to be planning to switch to a 10x tetraprism lens in future iPhone models. However, in the process, it is rumored that Apple will replace supplier LG Innotek with a Chinese firm, specifically a Luxshare subsidiary. LG Innotek is currently one of Apple’s lens suppliers for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it is reported that they will be pulled out from the list of partners for undisclosed reasons. Instead, ICT, a subsidiary of Luxshare, is rumored to provide Apple with the 10x tetraprism lens for future iPhone models. The timing of this upgrade introduction is not specified in the rumor, but it is unlikely to be included in the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, as these flagships are reported to ship with an upgraded tetraprism lens. The new lens is said to have a 5x zoom level but will be priced higher than the lens used in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is speculated that Apple might be replacing LG Innotek due to pricing, quantity, or quality issues. Apple typically keeps multiple suppliers for a component to secure better pricing and to ensure a sufficient supply of high-quality parts. However, if LG Innotek does not renew its partnership with Apple within the next 12 months, it might miss the opportunity to be a supplier for future iPhone models. In addition, LG Innotek is also rumored to be testing under-display camera technology for Apple’s bezel-less iPhone.