Apple is expected to unveil its Vision Pro headset in February

Apple’s Vision Pro headset may be released in February 2024, earlier than initially projected. The premium nature of the headset suggests that Apple may skip a big launch event and instead focus on training Apple Store staff to assist customers. The launch of the Vision Pro headset will also introduce a new software platform called visionOS, with planned updates for visionOS, Mac, and iPhone software in the future.

Apple first announced the Vision Pro headset for an “early next year” release, but it might be available sooner in limited supply. Apple may skip a big launch event due to the premium nature of the product. Training Apple Store staff to assist customers with the headset’s features and adjustments will be necessary. Additionally, Apple is introducing a new software platform called visionOS, with updates planned for 2024 along with regular Mac and iPhone software updates.

Developers have been instructed to prepare for the launch, which may involve creating apps for virtual and mixed reality or adapting existing apps for the Vision Pro. Production in China has been ongoing, with the goal of having the headsets in stores by the end of January.

The Vision Pro headset was revealed at WWDC 2023 and left a strong impression on those who tried it. It offers a unique blend of virtual and augmented realities and is designed to be part of the Apple ecosystem, working with popular apps and services. The headset features twin 4K micro-OLED screens, Apple’s M2 chip, a new R1 chip, eye-tracking and hand gesture tech, LiDAR sensors, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.0. It is expected to have a solid battery life and will be priced at $3,499.