Apple Vision Pro Launch Nearing, with Retail Stores Entering 'Preparation' Mode

The Apple Vision Pro could arrive at the company’s retail outlets shortly, with an earlier report stating that the mixed-reality headset could launch in the last week of January. A ton has been riding on this product, so Apple likely wants everything to go right, which is why new information states that the company’s retail stores are entering preparation mode as they await the first batch to set up. Select employees were earlier said to be shortlisted to receive training for the Apple Vision Pro, as they will approach customers on how to strap it on

Apple stated during its WWDC 2023 keynote that its AR headset would start shipping in early 2024 but did not give an exact launch timeframe. Luckily, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is back with another update through his ‘Power On’ newsletter, stating that the Apple Vision Pro has already started shipping in small quantities to warehouses across the U.S. From there, the device will make its way to retail outlets, where employees will set up the ridiculously expensive $3,499 contraption for the first time.

“The device is already shipping in small quantities to warehouses across the US before distribution to Apple retail stores, with the company believing it’ll have enough supply stateside by the end of January for a launch by February. I expect Apple to make an announcement related to the Vision Pro in the next week or so to take some of the spotlight away from CES, which begins Tuesday in Las Vegas.”

Gurman also previously reported that select retail employees received a memo from Apple, which said that they had been shortlisted to receive training for the company’s head-mounted wearable. While the training sessions were previously reported to last for two days, Gurman has updated readers today, mentioning that on January 21, all of Apple’s U.S. retail stores will be holding rare, three-hour meetings for all employees. In these meetings, it was discussed when training takes place, along with sales procedures.

For now, there will be no easy way for consumers to order the Apple Vision Pro, as it will be available through an appointment system. Reservations will likely be held on the company’s website, with potential buyers setting up a meeting and then heading out to their nearest physical outlet to try out the product. The retail employees will be solely responsible for putting on a first impression of the Apple Vision Pro, which is why the training sessions are being held.

As for other markets, the Apple Vision Pro might launch in China, Canada, and the U.K., but that ultimately depends on how well the market responds to the company’s first iteration. At its current price, it will not be Apple’s most popular, but it will definitely make a statement.