Apple Vision Pro Specifications, Characteristics & Information

Apple officially revealed the Vision Pro specs when opening preorders today. Vision Pro is a high-end “spatial computer” with high-resolution color cameras and a display on the front to show your eyes to other people. It is an AR/VR product with new features and the visionOS operating system, integrating eye tracking and hand tracking for intuitive input.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 Specifications:

  • Operating System: visionOS (Apple Vision Pro), Meta’s Android Fork (Meta Quest 3)
  • Lens Adjustment: Fully Automatic (Apple Vision Pro), Manual (Meta Quest 3)
  • Supported IPDs: 51mm–75mm (Apple Vision Pro), 53mm–75mm (Meta Quest 3)
  • Display Type: Micro-OLED (Apple Vision Pro), LCD (Meta Quest 3)
  • Resolution Per Eye: 3680×3140 (Apple Vision Pro), 2064×2208 (Meta Quest 3)
  • Refresh Rates: 90/96/100 Hz (Apple Vision Pro), 72/80/90/120 Hz (Meta Quest 3)
  • HDR: Yes (Apple Vision Pro), No (Meta Quest 3)
  • Chipset: AppleM2 (5nm) with 10-core GPU (Apple Vision Pro), QualcommXR2 Gen 2 (4nm) with 6-core GPU (Meta Quest 3)
  • RAM: 16GB (Apple Vision Pro), 8GB (Meta Quest 3)
  • Color Cameras: 2x 6.5 megapixel (Apple Vision Pro), 2x 4 megapixel (Meta Quest 3)
  • Tracking Cameras: 6x (Apple Vision Pro), 4x (Meta Quest 3)
  • Depth Sensors: IR Projector+ LiDAR (Apple Vision Pro), IR Projector (Meta Quest 3)
  • Hand Tracking: Yes (Both)
  • Eye Tracking: Yes (Apple Vision Pro), No (Meta Quest 3)
  • Face Tracking: Yes (Apple Vision Pro), No (Meta Quest 3)
  • Body Tracking: No (Apple Vision Pro), Upper (Meta Quest 3)
  • Battery Location: Tethered External (Apple Vision Pro), Internal (Meta Quest 3)
  • Battery Life: 2 hours (general), 2.5 hours (video) (Apple Vision Pro), 1.5-2.5 hours (use-dependent) (Meta Quest 3)
  • Front Display: Yes (Apple Vision Pro), No (Meta Quest 3)
  • Microphones: 6 (Apple Vision Pro), 3 (Meta Quest 3)
  • Wi-Fi: 6 (2.4+5 GHz) (Apple Vision Pro), 6E (2.4+5+6 GHz) (Meta Quest 3)
  • Authentication: OpticID (Apple Vision Pro), Pattern (Meta Quest 3)
  • Weight: 600–650g (headset only) (Apple Vision Pro), 515g (Meta Quest 3)
  • Tracked Controllers: No (Apple Vision Pro), Yes (Meta Quest 3)
  • Glasses Support: No (Apple Vision Pro), Yes (Meta Quest 3)
  • Prescription Inserts: $150 (Apple Vision Pro), $50 (Meta Quest 3)
  • Storage & Price: $3500 (256GB), $3700 (512GB), $3900 (1TB) (Apple Vision Pro), $500 (128GB), $650 (512GB) (Meta Quest 3)

Design & Weight: Apple Vision Pro has a custom aluminum alloy frame with a curved laminated glass front plate. It weighs between 600 and 650 grams. The headset comes with two different straps: Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band, with the latter providing better support due to a top strap.

Display and Cameras: The headset features dual OLED microdisplays with 23 million pixels and a pixel gap of just 7.5 microns. It has 12 cameras, a LiDAR sensor, a depth projector, and six microphones. The displays can run at 90Hz, 96Hz, or 100Hz.

Unique Features: Vision Pro introduces eye tracking for authentication (OpticID), foveated rendering, and FaceTime avatars. It has a Digital Crown for controlling immersion levels and EyeSight technology to show your eyes to others and indicate awareness of your surroundings.

Chipset and Performance: Powered by the Apple M2 chipset with a 10-core GPU and 16GB RAM. It offers up to 1TB of storage, and its GPU is at least 50% more powerful than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2. It supports personalized ray-traced spatial audio and audio ray tracing.

Pricing & Availability: Apple Vision Pro is available for pre-order, starting at $3500 for the 256GB model, with the first deliveries set for February 2.