Warm Wishes for the New Year from AppleInsider Family

As the year of 2023 reaches its end, all of us at AppleInsider wish you a happy new year, and for everyone to have a great 2024.

It’s been a fairly typical year for Apple in 2023, full of the highs of product launches and the lows of legal action, including a very brief Apple Watch ban right at the end of the year. As usual, 2024 is probably going to be just as much of a rollercoaster for the iPhone maker.

And just as we’ve done for the last 365 days, AppleInsider will be there to observe, report, and comment on the news as it happens in the coming twelve months.

Ahead of us are the usual events that we can always expect, including the mid-year WWDC and Apple’s releases of hardware throughout the year. And it’s not just the products themselves that we will be looking out for, as the rumor mill for hardware like the anticipated iPhone 16 will also be a major part of the year’s reporting.

Then there’s Apple’s introduction of a whole new platform for the company. The Apple Vision Pro will be a major departure for its ecosystem, but one that could greatly influence the future of computing.

Outside of Apple specifically, there are other events worth paying attention to, such as January’s CES, which AppleInsider will be covering and expecting a whole lot of HomeKit stuff to launch.

As Apple prepares for big changes, it’s worth taking a minute to look back over the last year’s events, which we have compiled into our Month In Review series. Yes, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg really did consider a cage match, among a whole lot of weird events.

It’s not just an opportunity to look to the past, but also for the future, and not just for Apple.

We at AppleInsider have been covering Apple news for the last 26 years, and the publication has continually evolved to stay relevant to its readers. Please join the discussion on the AppleInsider forums and tell us what you think we should do or change for the year ahead, to make us an even better venue for your Apple news and opinions.

The year ahead will be a busy one. Here’s hoping you’ll be there with us.