Apple's Reportedly Clearing Up iPad Lineup, M2 Chip Upgrade for iPad Air

Apple is reportedly planning to update its iPad lineup in 2024, introducing new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. The company aims to establish a clear distinction between the Pro and Air models, with the Pro model featuring the M3 chip and the Air model running on the lower-powered M2 chip. The Pro model will also come with an OLED screen, a revamped magic keyboard accessory, and an updated design. Both the iPad Pro and iPad Air will be available in different screen sizes. The iPad Pro will offer 11 and 13-inch displays, while the Air will have 10.9 and 12.9-inch displays. The new models are expected to be introduced in March 2024.

In addition to the iPad update, Apple is also planning to launch new MacBook Air models in March. These models, codenamed J613 and J615, will be powered by the M3 chip. Apple is also said to be considering fitting its iPad mini and iPad Air models with OLED screens by 2026, with the iPad mini also receiving a slightly larger display. The company last updated the iPad mini in 2021 and introduced the latest iPad Air model last year.