What to Expect from Apple in 2024: From iPhone 16 Series to Apple GPT

In 2024, Apple is expected to launch several exciting products, including the iPhone 16 series, a new MacBook Air with the advanced M3 chip, an iPad Pro with an OLED display, and a new Apple Watch X.

The iPhone 16 series is rumored to have significant upgrades, such as a revamped chassis design. There may also be a separate “capture” button on the iPhone 16 Pro models for quick camera access, and the Action button is expected to be extended across the entire lineup. Other rumored features include buttons adopting haptic tech, enhanced zoom capabilities on Pro models, and the possibility of an “iPhone 16 Ultra.” The series is also expected to have a bigger battery, new chipset, higher refresh rate displays, and an improved camera. The inclusion of AI features is also anticipated, possibly in the next iOS version, iOS 18.

In 2024, Apple is expected to release a new MacBook Air model with the M3 chipset, which is expected to provide a substantial performance boost compared to the previous M2 chip. This upgrade aims to challenge the perception of the MacBook Air as primarily suited for web browsing and document writing, positioning it as a capable device for video editing.

The iPad Pro lineup is also expected to receive an OLED display in 2024, providing a better content viewing experience. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a series of new iPads, including the iPad Mini, standard iPad, iPad Air, and the much-anticipated OLED-equipped iPad Pro. The iPad Pro with OLED display is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024, powered by the Apple Silicon M3 chip.

Apple is rumored to be working on a revamped Apple Watch X for 2024. The redesign is expected to feature a thinner profile and a magnetic band attachment system. Potential new health-related features include sleep apnea detection and blood pressure monitoring for hypertension.

In addition to hardware products, Apple is reportedly developing an in-house generative AI model similar to ChatGPT. The service, possibly named AppleGPT, is designed for internal use initially and will assist employees in testing features, summarizing text, and providing answers based on stored data. It is expected to make its public debut in 2024.

Please note that the above information is based on rumors and leaks, and official details from Apple may differ.