Apple Plans to Develop Camera Sensors In-House: Source

Apple is reportedly planning to bring the design of multiple components in-house, including camera sensors, following the success of its M-series processors. The company aims to move away from Qualcomm’s modem component in the iPhone and replace parts from Broadcom with its own WiFi and Bluetooth chip. Apple also intends to develop its own microLED displays and create a non-invasive glucose monitoring system for future Apple Watch designs. However, progress on these goals has been slow. The most ambitious plan is to bring the strategy for camera sensors in-house, although Apple would still need a fabrication partner. Photography is a critical selling point for iPhones and is also essential for future developments in mixed-reality and autonomous driving. It was previously confirmed that Apple has been using Sony camera sensors for the past decade, as Sony is the world’s largest sensor manufacturer. If Apple establishes an in-house sensor design team, it may follow a model similar to Nikon’s relationship with Sony Semiconductor, where Nikon provides specifications and Sony manufactures the sensors. This approach could result in better integration with Apple’s hardware, but its success remains to be seen.