Why You Should Enable Apple's New iPhone Security Feature in iOS 17.3 Beta Immediately

Apple’s latest iOS update, version 17.3, introduces a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection. This feature enhances the security of your iPhone in case it gets stolen. Many people rely on a PIN to unlock their phones, but it can be easily observed and stolen in public. With the Stolen Device Protection enabled, certain sensitive actions such as changing passwords, toggling Lost Mode, deleting content, and sending cash will require Face ID or Touch ID authentication. Additionally, if the passcode or Apple ID is changed, the user will need to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID twice before the change takes effect. This feature can help prevent further damage caused by someone who has stolen your phone. It is important to note that this feature needs to be manually enabled in the Settings under Face ID and Passcode. While it can’t prevent your phone from being stolen, it can mitigate some of the risks associated with theft.