What Apple Can Learn from GoPro's Success

Apple could learn a few lessons from GoPro when it comes to helping users get the most out of their expensive gadgets. As an Apple fan, I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 12 Black to create time-lapses, as I didn’t want to tie up my iPhone for hours at a time. While I’m happy with my GoPro, I’m now less satisfied with my Apple customer experience.

When I first unpacked my GoPro Hero, I was overwhelmed by the numerous configuration options it offered. Although I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, such as making time-lapses and hyper-lapses, I didn’t know where to start. Without guidance, there was a risk of the GoPro becoming another neglected gadget sitting on a shelf.

Fortunately, GoPro modes and profiles saved the day. Modes inform users about the different ways the device can be used, such as still photography, video recording, or time-lapses. Profiles, on the other hand, offer pre-configured settings for various types of content creation, making it easier for beginners to navigate the device’s complexity. By selecting the time-lapse or still camera mode, users can choose from different profiles to get started.

By incorporating similar features into their products, Apple could help users better understand and utilize the full range of capabilities their devices offer. Providing clear instructions, tutorials, and recommended settings for specific types of content creation would greatly enhance the user experience. Additionally, offering a sufficient amount of cloud storage for media files would be a valuable addition, considering the limited storage capacity of many Apple devices.

In the end, it’s not about the specific products GoPro offers, but rather the underlying principles that drive their design and user experience. Apple has the opportunity to learn from GoPro’s focus on empowering users and providing intuitive features that enable creativity and maximize the utility of their devices. As an Apple fan, I hope they take note and make improvements accordingly.