Rumors suggest Apple may revolutionize iPhone photography with an M1 breakthrough

Apple could be planning a game-changing move for iPhone photography by developing its own camera sensors, similar to its in-house chip, the M1, for MacBook Air. The potential benefits of this strategy include a better-optimized image processing pipeline, improved image quality and performance, and advancements in spatial photos and videos. Apple’s Photonic Engine, introduced in the iPhone 14 series, could be further enhanced with an Apple-made sensor. While Apple does not disclose the image sensors used in iPhones, the iPhone 15 Pro’s 48MP sensor is rumored to be the Sony IMX803. If Apple enters the camera sensor market, currently dominated by Sony, it would disrupt the industry. Furthermore, this move would not only impact iPhone cameras but also have implications for mixed-reality and autonomous driving industries. While this rumored strategy is likely still a few years away, it aligns with Apple’s recent endeavors in developing its own batteries and pushing the boundaries of integrated graphics with the M1. With its technological expertise and financial resources, Apple has the potential to redefine the architecture of image sensors and gain greater control over the future of pocket cameras.