Hidden Apple 'camera app' on every iPhone helps you read with four unlock methods

YOUR iPhone has a handy app that you might have missed – but it’s already installed. It’s called the Magnifier app, and it’s loaded onto every iPhone by default. “With Magnifier, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a magnifying glass to zoom in on and detect objects near you,” Apple explained. It’s a great way to read tiny text or see very small objects. The basic feature is a zoom function that lets you enlarge what you’re seeing through a camera view. You can increase the brightness, turn on the flashlight, adjust the contrast, and apply color filters. There’s also an option to use the Freeze Frame button (a circle inside a bigger circle). This is great if you need to snap something quickly while you’re experiencing movement. You can simply freeze the frame and then adjust it to make it as readable as possible. It’s also possible to save the image into your Photos afterwards, as well as share it. Magnifier also has some amazing Accessibility features that are great if you have a vision impairment. For instance, Magnifier can detect doors around you. “You can use Magnifier to locate a door or entryway, understand how far you’re standing from the door, figure out how to open the door and anticipate which way it might swing open, and read any signs or labels on or around the door.” It can also use Point and Speak to identify and read text on physical objects – like a keypad or a button.