Apple's Upcoming iPad Pro Expected to Incorporate Landscape Face ID Camera

Apple is expected to launch new models of iPad Pro, iPad, and MacBook Air sometime in March or April. A new report suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro models will feature a new version of the Face ID security feature. According to MacRumors, code discovered in iOS 17.4 indicates that the next iPad Pro will include a landscape Face ID camera. The code hints, “During ‌Face ID‌ setup, iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen.”

In a significant design shift, Apple moved the front-facing camera to the side of the device in the 10th-generation ‘entry-level’ iPad, facilitating unlocking in landscape mode. This alteration may also be applied to future iPad models.

Currently, the iPad Pro is the only model supporting Face ID. The new code suggests a potential relocation of the front-facing camera to the side of the iPad Pro, possibly extending ‌Face ID‌ to the iPad Air models and changing the camera position in these devices as well.

The iPad Pro has long been positioned by Apple as an alternative to the Mac, commonly used in a horizontal orientation. This practical usage might be the reason behind the proposed camera relocation.

Looking ahead to Apple’s 2024 product roadmap, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman anticipates the release of new iPad Airs, including a larger model, revamped iPad Pros, and M3 MacBook Airs in the spring. Post-launch, Apple’s focus will shift towards AI, with new generative AI features expected to be unveiled across Siri and iOS 18 at the developers conference in June.