Apple's Vision Pro Extras May Exceed $4,000 in Total Costs

Apple’s first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, is finally on sale, arriving Feb. 2. The starting price of the headset is $3,499 with 256GB of storage. Additionally, there are other storage tiers: a 512GB version priced at $3,699, and a 1TB version at $3,899.

AppleCare Plus, Apple’s protection plan in case of accidental damage, is available for $499. The Vision Pro does not include a travel case, which is sold separately for $199. Belkin offers a clip-on battery holder for $50. Extra batteries are priced at $199 each. Prescription lenses, necessary for those who wear glasses, are provided by Zeiss at $99 for reader versions, or $149 for prescription versions.

When all these extras are added, the total cost could reach as much as $4,995. This highlights that Apple’s newest product is a high-priced investment.