In-depth Aqara Camera E1 Analysis and Evaluation

The Aqara Camera E1 is a new smart home camera that offers 2K resolution, pan and tilt, and support for HomeKit Secure Video. Priced at $59.99, it is positioned as an affordable option with high functionality.

The design of the Camera E1 is sleek and modern, making it suitable for various placements around the home. It can be easily adjusted to capture the desired view.

One notable feature of the camera is its privacy mode, which physically reorients the camera lens away from the viewing area. This provides reassurance to users that the camera is not recording or monitoring.

Setting up the Camera E1 with Apple HomeKit is straightforward. It involves scanning the HomeKit setup code found on the camera using the Home app. While some features may be limited when setting up directly with HomeKit, essential functionalities such as live streaming, two-way audio, and motion-triggered notifications are still accessible.

The camera offers a 2K video resolution, providing clear and detailed images. It also has concealed infrared night vision, ensuring clear footage in low-light conditions without the obtrusive glow.

Unlike other cameras in its price range, the Camera E1 supports pan and tilt capabilities, expanding its field of view. The mechanism operates quietly to maintain discreet movements.

The Camera E1 supports HomeKit Secure Video, which allows for the detection of distinct motion types and secure storage of recorded footage in iCloud. Users can customize notifications based on the type of motion detected.

In terms of network connection and stream quality, the Camera E1 performs well compared to other Aqara accessories and even outperforms the Logi Circle View.

Overall, the Aqara Camera E1 is a compelling HomeKit-compatible smart home camera at an affordable price. It offers high-resolution video, privacy features, reliable network connectivity, and support for HomeKit Secure Video.

Buyers should be aware that HomeKit Secure Video is limited to 1080p resolution, so the camera’s full hardware capabilities may not be utilized. Additionally, the manufacturer’s own app may offer more expansive capabilities compared to the limited control in the Home app.

The Aqara Camera E1 is available for purchase on Amazon in North America and Europe, as well as selected Aqara retailers worldwide, for $59.99.