Top Deals of the Year on Aqara HomeKit Devices

Aqara, a leader in smart home and HomeKit devices, is offering the best prices on its devices for Black Friday. This includes smart cameras, doorbells, locks, motion and door/window sensors, and more. 9to5Mac readers can also enjoy an extra 20% off the Aqara Camera E1 with a promo code.

Aqara is known for producing beautiful, functional, and affordable smart home devices. One notable feature is its support for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, which allows for encrypted video storage on iCloud and on-device person/object detection.

Aqara offers a wide range of devices to upgrade your smart home. This includes HomeKit cameras, doorbells, motion sensors, presence sensors, door/window sensors, and a smart lock with Apple home key support.

The Aqara Camera E1 is an indoor security camera that provides crystal-clear 2K resolution and a wide-angle lens. It features 360-degree viewing, night vision support, and does not require a hub. It also offers HomeKit Secure Video support, microSD card slot, 24-hour encrypted cloud storage, Wi-Fi 6 and WPA3 support, two-way audio, and multiple mounting options.

The Aqara Video Doorbell Camera G4 offers HomeKit Secure Video support, sharp 1080p resolution, a 162-degree field of view, and infrared night vision. It can be set up as a wired or wireless installation and features a customizable doorbell tone, voice-changing capability, and an indoor chime repeater with a loud speaker.

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 not only supports HomeKit but also Apple home key. It allows for unlocking the door by holding an iPhone or Apple Watch next to it. It features a keypad, fingerprint access, and works with Google Home, Alexa, and more. It has a long battery life and includes features like auto lock, do not disturb, and a built-in USB-C port for emergency charging.

Other devices offered by Aqara include the Motion Sensor P1, which has a 5-year battery life, adjustable sensitivity, and a 170-degree viewing angle; the Presence Sensor FP2, which uses mmWave radar sensors for monitoring and features fall detection and multiperson monitoring; and the Door and Window Sensor P2, which supports Matter over Thread for seamless setup and offers high-precision open/closed status and voice alerts.

These Aqara devices are compatible with various platforms including HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home, and require Aqara Zigbee 3.0 Hub or Thread border router for connectivity. They are available at discounted prices for Black Friday.