The best Black Friday deal on Apple's entire iPad range, and here's the one I would choose

Apple’s whole iPad lineup is discounted for Black Friday and this is the one I would buy

The Apple iPad (10th generation) is a brilliant tablet. It offers a design in line with the iPad Air, whilst offering great performance, excellent experience overall, and at its lowest ever price with $100 off.

It’s that time of year again when Black Friday sales are almost in full swing. We still have another week until the official day is upon us, sure, but a huge number of deals have already landed, especially when it comes to Apple’s iPads. This early Black Friday deal sees my favorite iPad at its lowest ever price so I’m very much planning on buying another one for a Christmas present (I know, I’m very nice like that).

The iPad (10th generation) is currently just $349 instead of $449, so there’s an amazing $100 saving here on a genuinely fantastic tablet. The deal is for the Wi-Fi only base model with 64GB of storage, though there is money off all configurations and all colors are on offer too, with four available including Blue, Pink, Silver, and Yellow. You can also snag the older 9th generation model for just shy of $250, the iPad Air for just shy of $500 and there is money off the iPad Pro models too, so there’s no shortage of iPad bargains to be had. The iPad 10th generation is top of my list however, offering a perfect blend of value and features.

Why should you buy the iPad (10th generation)?

A better question here would actually be why shouldn’t you buy the iPad (10th generation) because it would be a much shorter answer. The iPad (10th generation) arrived in 2022, succeeding the iPad (9th generation) with a new and fresh design that matched that of the iPad Air and it’s a really lovely device. There’s a wonderfully slim and slender build quality, flat edges and it offers superb performance. The uniformed bezels allow for a much larger screen compared to the 9th generation model but within the same footprint, so it’s great for watching movies or doing work - the former of which is always preferable of course - and there’s compatibility with the new Apple Pencil (USB-C) too.

The Touch ID home button moves from the bottom of the display to within the power button on the 10th generation iPad, like the iPad Air, and it also switched to USB-C for charging - like the latest iPhone 15 models - which is super handy. The front camera also got repositioned for this model, moving to a landscape orientation, which makes it much more useful for video calls than any of the other iPads in Apple’s portfolio.

If you’re in the market for an iPad, the iPad (10th generation) is the one I would recommend through and through, unless you really need the power offered by the M1 chip in the iPad Air, or M2 chip in the latest iPad Pro models. If you’re tight on budget, you could opt for the iPad (9th generation) which, as mentioned, also sees an amazing deal for Black Friday, but the iPad (10th generation) is a five-star tablet and this is an exceptional price, as well as the lowest I’ve ever seen it.

Apple iPad 9th Gen (2021) $249 $329 Save $80 If the iPad (10th generation) is that little bit out of your budget despite its excellent deal, the iPad (9th generation) still offers a great experience and it has $80 off, seeing it hit under $250.