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Finding overheating electrical components (faulty components usually run hotter). Diagnose all sorts of HVAC problems, from windows that leak heat, to radiators that aren’t warming up properly, and AC units that aren’t cooling. Uncovering dangerously overheating rechargeable batteries. Finding radiator pipes underneath floorboards. Spotting problems with cooling systems on desktop and laptop systems. Spot binding brakes on cars.

Don’t let the tiny size and weight of the P2 Pro fool you. It might measure only 27 × 18 × 9.8 mm and weigh a mere 9 grams, but it can read temperatures in the range of -20 °C to 550 °C with an accuracy of ±2 °C. Along with the tiny thermal camera, the kit includes a magnetic snap-on macro lens that allows the camera to be brought super close to the item being examined.

While you can buy Android smartphones with built-in thermal cameras, no such iPhone exists. However, for $239, the Infiray P2 Pro allows you to add this really useful superpower to your iPhone. Plus you can get an extra 5% using the exclusive ZDNET coupon code of zdnetbf5.