iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra: Which Takes Better Photos?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra are both excellent camera phones that can capture stunning photos in various conditions. In a series of tests, including night mode imagery, zoom tests, and portrait mode challenges, both phones showed impressive capabilities.

In terms of color reproduction, the iPhone 15 Pro Max produced more realistic colors, while the S23 Ultra’s colors appeared oversaturated at times. The iPhone also performed better in terms of depth effect and bokeh in certain shots, providing a more attractive background blur.

When it came to zoom capabilities, the iPhone’s 5x zoom lens captured sharper and more natural-looking images compared to the S23 Ultra’s 3x and 10x zoom lenses. However, the S23 Ultra’s extended zoom range may be preferred by some users who want to fill the frame with distant subjects.

In night mode, both phones produced excellent shots, but there were some noticeable differences. The iPhone maintained finer details and provided a more realistic look, while the S23 Ultra sometimes smoothed out details in an unnatural way. The iPhone’s 5x zoom shot in night mode was particularly impressive, while the S23 Ultra’s zoom shots lacked detail.

Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was favored for its accurate color reproduction, better zoom capabilities, and more pleasing night mode shots. However, personal preference and intended use should also be considered, as the S23 Ultra may appeal to those who prefer vibrant and contrasty images straight from their phone.

As a professional photographer, the reviewer valued accurate color tone and a more neutral-looking image that could be adjusted in editing apps. However, for those who prefer vibrant and contrasty images to share immediately, the S23 Ultra may be a better choice.