Camera Technologies That Beginners Should Avoid Wasting Money On

Photography is essentially the process of capturing light and saving it in reproducible form. The majority of settings in any given camera revolve around how much light is making its way to the camera’s sensor at any given time. Professional and studio photographers engage a legion of flash gear to produce the exact light settings they desire, but external flash rigs can be bulky, expensive, and unnecessary bits of equipment for many photographers.  Cameras, be they digital or film, essentially work by capturing and recording light. Mastering this facet of photography is a subject that could (and does) fill thousands of books on photography. However, the truth is a photographer can get incredible results just with the available natural light combined with their camera’s built-in flash. External flash rigs are not without merit — they provide intermediate and advanced photographers with options in their studios, but they tend to be large, clunky, and fragile, leaving the majority of photographers happy without the extra hassle.