The Astonishing Revelation of a Camera-Less iPhone and Its Implications for the Future

Apple is reportedly working on designing future iPhones with under-screen front-facing cameras (FFCs), to create a seamless sheet of glass appearance. However, it is not expected that this significant change will be implemented until 2026 or later. LG Innotek, considered by Apple as a reliable partner, is currently developing the under-panel camera (UPC) technology, which allows the camera holes to be invisible to the naked eye. The initial rollout plan suggests that the feature might debut in the 2027 iPhone models. However, there could be an intermediate step in which an iPhone model, potentially the iPhone 19, incorporates the LG technology solely for Face ID sensors, while the FFC remains visible. The complete implementation of under-screen sensors is expected to be a gradual process, taking place over an extended period of time. The positioning of the selfie sensor under the screen is anticipated to occur approximately two years after the introduction of Face ID, once the technology becomes more sophisticated. The main complexities and delays in this implementation stem from the technical difficulties involved in embedding the selfie module under the screen. Apple has evaluated under-panel camera technologies from competitors like Samsung Display, but ultimately chose to partner with LG for this project.