Canon executives express concern over camera resolution compatibility with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro features a pair of advanced, custom micro‑OLED displays deliver more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye — for stunning clarity. It will take a serious camera to make top-tier immersive content for Apple’s Vision Pro which features some of the highest resolution screens ever made. Executives from camera-maker Canon see this as an opportunity.

Speaking to PetaPixel at the CP+ camera exhibition in Yokohama, Japan last week, a contingent of Canon executives discussed the rising popularity of AR and VR as well as, specifically, the Apple Vision Pro. “The VR market itself has been expanding even before Apple launched its Vision Pro,” Go Tokura, Senior Managing Executive Officer and Deputy Head of the Imaging Group at Canon, adds. “But by doing so, I think it is going to be another push to expand this market. And because the Vision Pro’s resolution is extremely high, what we are hearing is that currently it might be difficult to find a VR system which has enough resolution for Vision Pro.”

Canon says that looking forward, it could very well be a new business opportunity or potential market to produce a camera and lens system that can support making immersive video content for Vision Pro. “In order to reproduce video for Vision Pro, you need to have at least 100 megapixels,” Yasuhiko Shiomi, Advisory Director and Unit Executive of the Image Communication Business Operations at Canon, says. “So at the moment, we can’t cater to that level of a requirement. But what I presume what companies who will be providing images for the Vision Pro will be required to have 100-megapixels with 60 frames per second.”

For reference, 100 megapixels would equal 14K: nearly double most of the current high-resolution cinema offerings. The only system that fits the bill is Sphere’s Big Sky camera, which is an 18K behemoth that takes 12 people to operate.

The Apple Vision Pro is a hungry beast!