CES 2024: Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to receive a similar feature as iPhone and Pixel devices

Samsung has announced a new partnership with Microsoft at CES 2024. As part of this collaboration, Samsung Galaxy smartphone users will soon be able to use their phones as webcams for video conferencing. The company stated that the Galaxy Book 4 series will allow users to turn their phone cameras into PC webcams, providing access to the powerful cameras of Galaxy smartphones for video calls on apps like Microsoft Teams.

With this feature, users will be able to enjoy a high-quality meeting experience and easily switch between front and rear cameras with a simple tap. This flexibility allows users to change their frame during a call, show their colleagues their surroundings, or even take a walk while speaking, without needing to adjust their PC.

Samsung also mentioned that users can apply various features from their phones to the video call, such as Background Blur and Auto-framing, which help enhance the image quality in any environment.

Additionally, Samsung is working on integrating Copilot, a feature developed by Microsoft, into its Android and Windows-based devices.

It is worth noting that Apple’s Continuity Camera feature already allows iPhone users to use their devices as cameras or microphones for video calls when connected to a larger screen, such as a MacBook or TV. Similarly, Google has also introduced this feature in Android 14, allowing Android users to use their phones as webcams for PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks.

With these developments, Samsung aims to provide its users with more versatility and convenience in their video conferencing experiences.