Create Professional-Quality Films with Your iPhone with This Cyber Monday Offer

Sandmarc, a company based in San Diego, specializes in producing high-quality filmmaking accessories for iPhones. They offer products such as lenses, filters, tripods, and mounting systems. Currently, they are offering a Cyber Monday deal of 20% off orders over $75. This deal is only available until the end of the day, so act quickly if you’re interested.

If you’re just getting started with smartphone filmmaking and need camera stabilization, the $80 Film Rig is a good option. It is a waterproof mounting system that can securely hold your iPhone while you shoot. It also has enough space to accommodate additional accessories such as lights, microphones, or hard drives.

If you want to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone camera, you can consider getting a lens or a filter. For example, the Motion Variable ND Filter is great for long exposures and cinematic motion blur.

To explore all the filmmaking accessories offered by Sandmarc, visit their website. Start your filmmaking journey with your iPhone today.