Discontinuation of Thread Group and HomeKit Routers Announced at CES

Thread Group, HomeKit Routers Discontinued, CES News

HomeKit Insider Podcast

On this episode, Jonathan Hui and Sujata Neidig from the Thread Group joined the HomeKit Insider podcast to discuss the latest news and changes in Thread networking.

Despite the buzz from CES, there was significant Apple Home news, including several product announcements.

A highlight from the electronics show was a new Find My-enabled travel safe by the French company UpFiner. This handheld case, designed for storing small items while traveling, syncs with the Find My app and features an alarm that activates when moved.

Nanoleaf announced a new set of Matter-compatible pendant string lights, ideal for deck or patio areas.

GE expanded its Matter product lineup to include cabinet lights, filament bulbs, outdoor smart plugs, wall switches, can lights, and more.

Kef introduced its new LSX II LT speakers, featuring AirPlay support, USB-C, premium audio, HDMI ARC input, among other smart features.

There was also a discussion about the Find My app. Apple has increased the limit of Find My devices from 16 to 32.

First Alert products, including the Safe & Sound product that combines a smoke detector and an AirPlay speaker, will continue to be available.

At CES, it was revealed that Apple has discontinued its HomeKit router program and is no longer accepting new models for certification, possibly explaining the lack of new, faster routers since the first Wi-Fi 6 models.

The show concluded with an in-depth discussion with guests from the Thread Group about the implications of the new changes for Thread in 2024.