Galaxy S24 Ultra outperforms iPhone 15 Pro Max in camera showdown

The Galaxy S24 event has concluded, and the new Samsung handsets, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, are now available for preorder. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, notably, offers a superior camera system compared to the standard models, with enhanced specs and significantly better zoom capabilities.

A key comparison for potential buyers is how the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera stacks up against the iPhone 15 Pro Max. A recent camera comparison, conducted by Mrwhosetheboss, showcased the two flagships undergoing various tests, including a dramatic scenario involving a tank. The results indicated that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a superior camera to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The comparison not only focused on the camera hardware but also on the software aspects, such as AI features. Despite Apple’s reluctance to use the term “AI” in its marketing, the video analyzed both phones’ AI capabilities in enhancing photography and editing. Additionally, the video reviewed the Camera app experiences on both devices, highlighting differences in user interfaces and functionalities.

Key findings from the comparison include:

  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera provides a more comprehensive experience, particularly with its night photography capabilities.
  • While Samsung has nearly matched Apple in video recording quality, the iPhone 15 Pro Max may still have a slight edge in zoom capabilities and overall video experience.
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra is recommended for those prioritizing camera performance and video shooting, although it doesn’t entirely surpass the iPhone experience.

The review, encapsulating a variety of tests and comparisons, aims to assist consumers in determining whether the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the right choice, especially considering the current preorder deals available for the device.