Learn How Gen Zers Are Revolutionizing iPhone Photography with AssistiveTouch

Taking photos with an iPhone for Instagram can be simplified using the AssistiveTouch feature. One content creator, Ashlee Bock, shared a tutorial on how to use AssistiveTouch to take photo bursts on her iPhone. Prior to discovering this hack, Bock used the self-timer app Lens Buddy, but found that it affected the image quality. Burst mode, available on the iPhone camera, allows users to capture multiple high-speed photos. AssistiveTouch is a feature that helps users who have difficulty touching the screen or pressing buttons. With AssistiveTouch, users can set gestures to access common features on the iPhone. Bock demonstrates a gesture that allows her to take Burst photos without physically touching her iPhone. The process involves creating a custom gesture in the iPhone settings, ensuring the Burst length is sufficient, and activating AssistiveTouch. Bock’s tutorial has received praise from fellow TikTok users. Saving only the favored photos from the Burst can help reduce storage on the iPhone.