Comparison: The Cost of Google Pixel 8 Pro Camera Repair Parts vs. iPhone

Google and repair outfit iFixit are selling genuine parts for the Google Pixel Pro 8, including the flagship Google devices, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. However, the cost of repairs will be quite expensive for consumers. For example, a replacement rear case for the Pixel 8 is priced at $143, and for the 8 Pro it is $173. The displays cost $160 and $230 respectively. The biggest cost to consumers will be replacement camera assemblies, with the Google Pixel 8 Pro rear camera module costing $199.99 and the front camera costing $42.99. Similarly, for the Google Pixel 8, the wide rear module is priced at $142.99, the ultra wide rear module at $62.99, and the front camera at $42.99. Overall, the rear camera module parts for the Pixel 8 will cost $205.98, slightly cheaper than the Pixel 8 Pro. These prices make the camera module one of the most expensive parts of modern smartphones, regardless of the manufacturer.

Comparing the prices to Apple’s devices, iFixit sells replacement camera modules for the iPhone 14 generation. The iPhone 14 Pro rear camera assembly costs $149.99, and the front camera costs $39.99. Apple’s official self-service repair program offers replacement parts for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the “Camera & Screw Kit” priced at $219.64. However, returning old parts to Apple brings the price down to $189.24. For the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the rear camera module alone costs $196.84, which can be reduced to $166.44 with the returned part credit. There is also an option to purchase a bundle with additional elements for a few dollars more. Apple’s pricing includes components with small extras, such as screws, and the assumption is that consumers will have tools available or can rent them from Apple.

The pricing of Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro’s camera parts compared to Apple’s devices highlights that the camera module is one of the most expensive components of modern smartphones, regardless of the manufacturer.