The Surprising Reason Behind the Difference in Appearance of iPhone Selfies: Unlocking the Hidden Camera Feature that Elevates Picture Quality

Have you ever wondered why you look different in iPhone selfies compared to how you appear in the mirror? It turns out that the front-facing camera of an iPhone automatically flips or inverts the picture, leading to a distorted image. However, there is a little-known feature on the iPhone that can prevent this. By enabling the “Mirror Front Camera” setting in the Camera settings, the photo will appear as you see it on the front camera, resulting in a more accurate representation.

This revelation was shared by Alex Hourigan from Sydney on the podcast “Two Broke Chicks.” The video discussing this iPhone feature has gained popularity, with over 155,000 views. Many viewers expressed surprise at not knowing about this feature before and mentioned that they would change their settings accordingly. People were enthusiastic about the tip, with comments like “The way I raced to my phone to fact-check” and “BRB going to take a million selfies now. Life changing.”

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