New Firmware Update Enables HomeKit Compatibility for Hue Contact Sensor

Signify, the company responsible for Philips Hue, has released a firmware update for its contact sensor that enables Apple HomeKit support. This update allows the sensor to be used as a standard sensor for doors, windows, cupboards, and even refrigerators. The update is applied to the Hue Bridge, which then exposes the sensor to other devices.

The contact sensor was introduced earlier this year as part of the Hue security range, which also includes an indoor/outdoor camera and a combined camera and floodlight for outdoor use. It should be noted that the contact sensor uses Zigbee technology, so it requires the Hue Bridge for operation and compatibility with Apple HomeKit or other third-party platforms.

If you do not already own a Hue Bridge, investing in one solely for the contact sensor may be expensive, especially considering that the sensor itself is not the most affordable option on the market, priced at $39.99. It is currently available in white only on, with the black model only being available in Europe at the moment. This information was originally reported by