I Requested Apple to Incorporate This Feature in the iPhone 16 Camera

While many users already record vlogs with their iPhone using the wide angle of the rear camera module, this method is not very comfortable as they cannot see themselves on the screen while recording. Incorporating an ultra wide angle in the front camera module of the iPhone could solve this problem and make the iPhone a definitive camera for many bloggers.

The addition of an ultra-wide-angle camera on the front is significant in today’s selfie and vlogging landscape. Most people use their iPhone’s front camera for selfies and personal videos, and an ultra-wide-angle lens would capture much more in the image.

The competition has already introduced features like this in their smartphones. New models have improved the quality of the front camera, but an ultra-wide angle lens would offer new possibilities for sharing daily life on social networks. Brands like Samsung, Google, and Huawei have already included ultra-wide-angle cameras on the front of their smartphones, allowing users to capture more of their surroundings and offering a wider perspective in videos. This feature has been well received by users of these brands.

In a world where visual content quality is increasingly important, and many base their purchasing choice on a smartphone’s camera quality, Apple has the opportunity to lead by including this feature in the iPhone 16. This is a wish for the upcoming iPhone 16, which is still awaited until the end of the year.