Don't miss out on this incredible Black Friday deal: A $239 thermal camera attachment for iPhones

Ever wanted a thermal camera for your iPhone? Well, here’s your chance to get the superb Infiray P2 Pro+ thermal camera for the iPhone and save $60. Plus, you can get an extra 5% off with an exclusive ZDNET coupon code. I could rattle off dozens of good reasons, but here are a few uses I’ve been putting mine to just recently:

  • Finding overheating electrical components (faulty components usually run hotter).
  • Diagnose all sorts of HVAC problems, from windows that leak heat, to radiators that aren’t warming up properly, and AC units that aren’t cooling.
  • Uncovering dangerously overheating rechargeable batteries.
  • Finding radiator pipes underneath floorboards.
  • Spotting problems with cooling systems on desktop and laptop systems.
  • Spot binding brakes on cars. Don’t let the tiny size and weight of the P2 Pro fool you. It might measure only 27 × 18 × 9.8 mm and weigh a mere 9 grams, but it can read temperatures in the range of -20 °C to 550 °C with an accuracy of ±2 °C. Along with the tiny thermal camera, the kit includes a magnetic snap-on macro lens that allows the camera to be brought super close to the item being examined. While you can buy Android smartphones with built-in thermal cameras, no such iPhone exists. However, for $239, the Infiray P2 Pro allows you to add this really useful superpower to your iPhone. Plus you can get an extra 5% using the exclusive ZDNET coupon code of zdnetbf5.