Apple's newest iPhone 15 advertisement showcases innovative camera enhancements

On any iPhone 15 model, users can convert a picture of a person, a dog, or a cat into a portrait after the picture has been processed. And to make this feature even better, you can shift the focus on any of the subjects of the photo. To convert a photo into a portrait, open the Photos app on your iPhone, tap any photo taken in Photo mode, tap Edit, tap the Depth Adjustment button, then tap Portrait at the top of the screen. Use the Depth Control slider to adjust the background blur. To undo the portrait effects, open the photo, tap Edit, then tap Revert. If this is done with a Live Photo, the Live Photo effects are not available. To shift the focus on any of the photo’s subjects, open the Photos app, tap any portrait to view it in full screen, tap Edit, tap a new subject or focus point in the photo, then tap Done.

Apple has released a new promotional video called “Album Cover” showcasing these features. In the video, a female member of a musical trio uses her iPhone to turn a picture of the three into a portrait for their album cover. By pressing the Portrait button, she remains in focus while the other two members are blurred in the background. She shows the picture to one of her bandmates, who suggests a small change. They playfully go back and forth, changing the focus between them, each favoring themselves. They decide to involve the third member of the band, who chooses a picture with himself in focus and the others blurred.

While not Apple’s best ad, the video effectively demonstrates the new features of the iPhone 15. It is expected that a shorter version of the video will be broadcast during upcoming sports games.