The Impact of iPhone, Apple Watch, and Snoopy on Our Visionary Thinking

This year, Apple made significant changes to the interface of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. These changes may have led users to relearn how to use their devices, which can be frustrating. However, there is usually a reason behind these changes, and it often ties into Apple’s grand plan of shifting towards augmented reality.

One of the biggest changes in the iPhone’s operating system this year is StandBy mode. When the phone is locked, charging, and propped up horizontally, the display changes to show the time, weather, photos, widgets, or music. This mode has changed the way the author uses their iPhone, as it now serves as a bedside clock and eliminates the need for multiple charging cords.

Apple has also introduced widgets in various places, such as on the Mac desktop and the iPhone home screen. These tiny windows of information floating around create a feeling of augmented reality, where relevant information is always within sight. In the future, this may eliminate the need for screens altogether, as information can be displayed directly in one’s field of vision.

In the iMessage app, Apple has made changes to incorporate the Vision Pro design. The tray of icons above the keyboard has been replaced with a plus sign that brings up a list of large circular buttons. This design resembles the child-like circular icons in the Vision Pro.

The Apple Watch also plays a role in getting users to think in a Vision Pro mindset. The watch can now be controlled by double-tapping fingers together, mimicking tapping the main button on the screen. Hand gestures have become an important method of controlling devices, as seen in features like “Reactions” during video calls.

Apple’s introduction of Snoopy on the Apple Watch is another interesting move. The company made 148 different animations of Snoopy and Woodstock that can appear throughout the day. This effort is related to Apple’s partnership with Peanuts content and its streaming service, Apple TV Plus. The author’s child’s excitement over Snoopy has led to increased interest in consuming more Snoopy content.

The integration of media icons like Snoopy into everyday life through augmented reality is an intriguing concept. It allows these icons to exist in all screens and mediums, creating a seamless experience for users.

Overall, Apple’s interface changes and product features are geared towards shifting users’ mindset towards augmented reality and creating a more integrated and immersive experience.