Insider Tips: The Must-Know iPhone Camera Feature for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Fans

A Taylor Swift fan has shared the one iPhone camera feature you need to know about for the Eras Tour. Michelle Gonzalez stood among the roaring crowd at one of the superstar’s concerts in the US in early 2023. During the show, she managed to capture the perfect footage of the singer’s performance after learning about a simple camera trick.

“If you’re going to the Eras Tour, here’s my top filming tip to capture the best memories to look back on,” she said in a now viral video — with more than 10 million views.

When filming the concert, Michelle said you should always adjust the camera’s exposure setting. “Turn your exposure down,” she suggested, adding: “I learned this and it was the difference maker.”

To adjust the exposure, open Camera, tap the screen to show the exposure setting, then drag the sun symbol down. “You tap on your screen while filming, like you’re focusing, and drag that little sun down,” she said.

Michelle gave a demonstration, showing how the footage appeared overly bright when she used normal exposure. The camera picked up too much light from the stage, which made the quality of her video blurry and grainy. When she filmed the scene with low exposure, she captured a darker version of the stage but the singer and her backup dancers were perfectly lit up in clear, high-quality vision. “Do you see how much clearer Taylor is once you drown out the background?” Michelle said.

A second iPhone camera tip Swifties have been sharing on social media is recording the show in 4K. “Don’t forget to set your camera to 4K at 60fps my iPhone users,” one fan said. Filming with 4K at 60fps provides smoother motion and is ideal for faster movements — perfect for capturing the singer’s energetic choreography.

Finally, Michelle said you should try to avoid screaming when filming. “This one is gonna be tough, don’t scream lyrics while you’re filming,” she said. “When you look back at footage, the last thing you want is to realise you can’t even hear Taylor because you’re screaming at the top of your lungs. You can still totally sing along at a normal volume if you’re holding your phone a good distance from you — without your phone really picking you up.” However, one fan suggested: “If you cover the microphone on your phone, it’ll only pick up the concert music and not your singing.”

Her video has been viewed more than four million times, with many saying her camera tip is a “life saver”. “Omg I only just learnt that you could do that with the little sun,” one confessed.