Master the Art of Instantly Improving Your Photography

The iPhone camera app has some hidden features that can help you take better photos. By tapping on the subject, you can unlock hidden features such as adjusting exposure and locking focus while moving the camera. Swiping up or tapping the ^ icon in the camera app allows you to access advanced controls like filters and aspect ratio adjustments. You can also use the physical volume buttons or wired headphones as a shutter release for better grip and stability.

Other tips include using burst mode to capture action-packed photos by holding down the shutter button or sliding your finger to the left, and using live photos to create long exposure images or GIFs. Turning your phone upside down can create more dramatic low-angle shots, and turning on Apple ProRAW can provide more editing power for those who like to edit their photos. Additionally, getting close to the subject automatically activates macro mode, and the pano mode can be used creatively to clone people or objects.

In portrait mode, you can adjust the intensity of the background blur and add filters before taking a photo to see how they will look. You can also customize colors and select your preferred lens in the settings. The iPhone offers tools like the level, grid, and View Outside the Frame to help with composition, and you can add camera features through the Shortcuts app.