iOS 17.2 introduces major telephoto camera enhancements for iPhone 15 Pro

iOS 17.2 is a significant update that brings several new features, including a new Journal app, changes to Apple Music, and the Action Button translate option. However, the most notable change is the upgrade to the telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro. This surprise update was not previously announced in the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate, making it a welcome addition to the iPhone.

According to the release notes of iOS 17.2, the camera on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has received the following improvements: spatial video capabilities that allow users to capture video in three dimensions on Apple Vision Pro, and improved focusing speed for the telephoto camera when capturing small objects at a distance.

The spatial video capabilities are particularly interesting in terms of the iOS update launch pattern. With iOS 17.1 launching in October and 17.2 launching in December, there is a possibility of an iOS 17.3 launching around February. This aligns well with a recent report suggesting that the Vision Pro launch will happen between January and March. These upgraded spatial video capabilities set the stage for that timeline.

The telephoto lens upgrade specifically improves the focus speed when capturing faraway objects. This means the software can handle high-zoomed pictures more effectively than previously anticipated. As someone who enjoys showcasing my camera skills, I am excited to test out the snappy and quick performance of the new camera software upgrade. Apple’s ability to seamlessly integrate software and hardware is evident once again with this iOS update. Furthermore, this update also hints at possible telephoto camera upgrades for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max in the future.