iOS 17.4 code hints at potential new camera feature for iPad Pro

Apple might be on the way to fixing the weirdest problem with the highest-end iPad Pro. As it stands, the 2022 iPad Pro’s front camera is on the top of the device when viewed in landscape mode. This placement creates an odd angle for video calls when the iPad is turned on its side. However, some stray code found in the iOS 17.4 beta update suggests Apple could fix this issue in the next-gen iPad model.

The iOS 17.4 code reveals more than just updates for the iPhone. Specifically, the update includes language that references setting up Face ID in landscape mode, which is not currently possible on any iPad. Although the 10th generation iPad has a camera positioned suitably for this, it doesn’t support Face ID.

According to a message found in the update, “During Face ID setup, iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen. Once setup is complete, Face ID works in portrait and landscape.”

Reports suggest that Apple may release a new iPad Pro in 2024 featuring OLED displays. It’s speculated that these new iPads might include the aforementioned Face ID setup in landscape mode, but confirmation awaits until the devices are officially released.