Capturing the Essence: iPhone 15's Portrait Mode Showcased in 'Album Cover' Advertisement

For the release of the iPhone 15 generation, Apple has introduced an update to its camera app that allows for automatic depth data capture whenever the device’s machine learning detects a person or pet in the frame. This new feature is showcased in an ad titled “Album Cover,” which was posted on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

In the ad, the lead singer of a band uses the automatic Portrait Mode detection feature to tap on her face, causing it to be in focus while the other two band members become blurry. The two members then engage in a polite disagreement, repeatedly changing the focal point to their own faces at the expense of the others. It is revealed that the two were a couple who have broken up.

As the exchange continues, the third member of the band enters the conversation and taps the screen to put his distant face in focus while blurring the other two. The ad ends with the ongoing disagreement over the captured image.

Apple has included the automatic depth capture feature in all iPhone 15 models, including both the Pro and non-Pro variants. Additionally, the iPhone 15 boasts an upgraded rear wide camera with a 48-megapixel sensor and a crop-based zoom function.