Master the Smart Portrait Mode on the iPhone 15 with these expert tips

Apple has recently released an advertisement showcasing the remarkable camera capabilities of its latest iPhone 15 series, with a focus on the groundbreaking Smart Portrait mode. This feature allows users to adjust the focus on different subjects in a photo, even after the image has been taken. The functionality is available for both standard and portrait images. In a video, Apple demonstrates the Smart Portrait mode in action, showcasing its ability to dynamically adjust the focus on different subjects within a photo.

The video features a band in the process of creating their album cover, with one member using the iPhone 15 to edit a group photo. Through the Smart Portrait mode, this individual is able to emphasize themselves in the foreground while blurring the bandmates in the background. Another bandmate takes control and modifies the image to focus on himself and blur out the others. A playful argument ensues, with the third member ultimately choosing to emphasize themselves while obscuring the background.

The Smart Portrait mode extends its capabilities beyond portraits, also recognizing the presence of people, animals, or objects in regular photos. It can be applied to photos taken without activating the portrait mode. By accessing the “Edit” interface and tapping the aperture icon, users can easily adjust the background blur using a slider. For photos with multiple subjects, users can change the focus by tapping on the desired person or object.

In addition to the Smart Portrait mode, Apple has also highlighted the iPhone 15’s Personal Voice feature in a separate video. This feature uses machine learning to replicate the user’s voice and was showcased in a scenario where an individual who had lost their voice narrates a story to a child with the help of an iPhone.

In the Photos app, users have the ability to customize and fine-tune lighting effects, depth of field, and the focus point of their portraits. Portrait effects can also be applied to photos captured in Photo mode. Achieving dynamic focus control in portraits is seamless with the Focus Control feature, which allows users to choose a new subject or focus point in the photo.

It is important to note that the Smart Portrait mode and Focus Control feature are available on iPhone 13 models and later, running iOS 16 or later.