First Impressions: Exploring the Key Features of the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the latest flagship models from Apple, offering impressive features and the best iPhone experience yet. As someone who has been using iPhones since the original model, here are some of the top features I recommend exploring on your new iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro introduces a new Action Button, which can be customized to perform various functions. You can toggle Do Not Disturb, launch the Camera app, record voice memos, turn on or off the Flashlight, activate translation features, or use the built-in Magnifier features. You can even set the button to launch a custom shortcut using the Shortcut app.

With the dedicated telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Pro, you can now zoom in on subjects without compromising image quality. Simply tap the 3x button in the Camera app to switch to the telephoto lens. The iPhone 15 Pro Max even offers a 5x zoom with its tetraprism zoom lens.

The new StandBy mode in iOS 17 turns your iPhone into a smart display when charging in landscape mode. You can choose to display widgets, cycle through photos, or show a clock on the lock screen. This mode works well with the Always On display feature of the iPhone 15 Pro, providing instant access to information.

The iPhone 15 Pro features a USB-C port, allowing for faster data transfer speeds of up to 10Gb/s. You can connect your iPhone to a USB hard drive and transfer data quickly, which is useful for offloading 4K videos or working with pro-level video recording.

Portrait mode, which blurs the background and focuses on the subject, is a popular feature on iPhones. With the iPhone 15 Pro, you can now capture portrait mode photos at night, thanks to improved computational photography. You can also apply portrait mode effects after capturing the photo by adjusting the depth of field slider in the editing options.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera system has a macro mode, which allows for extreme close-up shots of small objects without blur. When you bring your phone close to the object, the iPhone automatically switches to macro mode. You can also enable Macro Control in the settings to manually toggle the mode.

The iPhone’s LiDAR sensor, available on the Pro models, enhances the Measure app’s capabilities. You can use the Measure app to accurately measure objects and distances without needing a physical measuring tape. It works by pointing the camera at a spot and selecting the beginning and end points to calculate the distance.

Cinematic mode in the Camera app adds an adjustable depth of field effect to videos, providing a filmic look. You can adjust the amount of background blur and even enable automatic focus switching between subjects. The focus switches can be edited later in the Photos app.

The Camera settings of the iPhone 15 Pro offer additional options for capturing photos. You can choose between 12MP and 24MP resolution, with the higher resolution providing more detail but larger file sizes. Enabling ProRAW & Resolution Control unlocks professional-level formats with extra shooting information.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers different “lenses” for its main camera, which essentially crop the full-resolution image in different ways. You can choose between 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm options in the Camera settings. Experimenting with different lenses can provide unique perspectives and fit different shooting styles.

If you’re trying to find a friend or family member in a crowded environment, you can take advantage of Apple’s Precision Finding feature with the iPhone 15 models. Using ultra-wideband technology, the Find My app can guide you directly to the person, providing onscreen displays and haptic feedback.

These are just some of the features worth exploring on your new iPhone 15 Pro. Apple continues to innovate and improve its smartphones, offering a premium experience for iPhone users.