iPhone 15 review: Unveiling the Pro-grade features, affordable pricing, and USB-C connectivity after three months

Apple’s iPhone 15 is proving to be a more professional-grade device with upgrades like Dynamic Island, a 48MP camera, and USB-C. After three months of use, it is considered the best choice for most users. The iPhone 15 balances features and cost-cutting, making it a suitable smartphone that users will likely keep for several years. The upgrades in the iPhone 15 are more significant compared to the iPhone 14, which was a transition device. Going forward, standard iPhones will inherit pro features and processors from previous pro models. The iPhone 15 is an ideal device for users upgrading from the iPhone 13 and earlier models.

In terms of design, the iPhone 15 has a similar glass sandwich design as previous models, with a frosted back glass, curved aluminum edges, and the Dynamic Island replacing the notch. The color options are more muted, and some users have complained about the lack of vibrant color choices. The iPhone 15 is slightly longer than previous models and users may need to buy a new case for this device. The display is similar to previous pro models, with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits when outdoors. The Dynamic Island feature has been well-received by developers, and it has become more universal since its release.

The camera on the iPhone 15 has seen significant improvements, with the main camera upgraded to 48MP and the ability to capture 24MP images by default. The bokeh effect created by the focal length is impressive, and the camera performs well in various environments. However, the ultra-wide camera remains unchanged and is less frequently used. The iPhone 15 lacks features like macro mode and multiple focal lengths in the main camera, which is a downside compared to the pro models.

One notable change in the iPhone 15 is the shift from Lightning to USB-C. While this change hasn’t revolutionized charging, it does offer the convenience of having one connector for everything. Charging over USB-C is similar to charging via Lightning, and users can still achieve fast charge speeds. The switch to USB-C may create some chaos in households where not everyone has upgraded to the iPhone 15, but it offers advantages for pro users and satisfies regulatory requirements.

The A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 15 provides smooth performance for everyday tasks. While benchmarks may be important for some users, average users will not notice a significant difference in performance compared to previous models. The A16 Bionic chip offers improved power efficiency and sufficient memory bandwidth for games. The iPhone 15 performs well in various tasks, and reliability is not a concern.

Overall, the iPhone 15 is an above-average device with room for improvement. It offers a good balance of size, price, and features. The lack of vibrant color choices is a notable drawback. The iPhone 15 received a rating of 4 out of 5, as it is a solid offering from Apple but pro models may provide more value for some users.