Is the iPhone 16 an innovative departure from its predecessors?

So, it seems that Apple is already working on the next generation of the iPhone, even though we’re still early in the iPhone cycle. According to a post by MacRumors, the iPhone 16 is expected to feature a new camera arrangement, with vertically aligned cameras. This could be similar to the iPhone 12 or even in a single ‘pill’ shape like the iPhone X. Currently, the iPhone 15 has a diagonal camera arrangement inside a square. MacRumors has created some image mock-ups to illustrate this concept. Additionally, the iPhone 16, codenamed ‘DeLorean’, is reportedly considering different colors for its release.

There were discussions about the button layout before the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro. The Pro version featured an Action Button instead of the sliding mute switches found in previous models. This button layout is also expected to be brought down to the iPhone 16, as it is cheaper to manufacture and poses less risk of water and dust ingress. Apple has also explored the idea of merging the volume button into a single long rocker with haptic feedback, called the Bongo project. However, it seems that this project has been abandoned due to unresolved technical issues and a lack of popularity among users.

Apple hasn’t completely given up on button innovations though. The iPhone 16 Pro is rumored to feature a capacitive capture button, known as project Nova. The company has even figured out where to move the antenna in the casing to make space for this touch-sensitive button. However, no changes are expected on the front, with the dynamic island, and at the bottom where the USB-C port is located.

As for the iPhone’s camera capabilities, there is ongoing debate about whether it is the best camera phone. The best iPhone for photography is also a topic that has been pondered over.