iPhone 16 concept provides a close-up glimpse of Apple's latest enhancement

Concept of iPhone 16: A Close Look at Apple’s Upcoming Upgrade

January 12, 2024 | Apple Camera

There are still eight months to go before Apple releases the upcoming iPhone 16 series. However, we’ve already heard a lot about these devices, with one graphic designer sharing concept designs based on the recent leaks of the standard iPhone 16 model on X (formerly known as Twitter). X user Jia has posted their second concept design for the standard iPhone 16 model, which resembles the iPhone 12 but with significant adjustments. Their concept design is based on leaks from sources like MacRumors, Reddit users, and information from DSCC analyst Ross Young.

While the iPhone 15 brought significant changes compared to the iPhone 14, the upcoming iPhone 16 model will introduce a major change: a vertically arranged camera to support spatial video, as noted by BGR. This design change will enable Apple’s standard phones to capture spatial videos, thus further promoting Vision Pro in a unique way. Additionally, the iPhone 16 may feature a smaller action button, ideal for functions like real-time translation, music playback, adding shortcuts, setting focus modes, and more.

Another rumored button is the capture button. Once a mysterious addition, rumors confirm that this new feature makes it easier to capture photos and videos. Apart from these additions, the new iPhone is unlikely to differ significantly from the iPhone 15 version. Apple has employed a new optimized double ion-exchange process before polishing the back and used nano-crystal particle etching to create a textured matte finish.

What changes can we expect in the iPhone 16 Pro models? Apple will bring camera upgrades to the Pro models, and most importantly, they will make these phones larger, with 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch displays. This will allow for larger batteries and four-sided prism lenses for the smaller Pro version. While the features of the iPhone 16 may evolve during development, we now have a better understanding of this device, and you can learn more in the guide below.